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April 14, 2012 / saniday

Vlogging Tips

I think it was 2008 when I first became familiar with the term “vlogging”

Ever since, I’ve been pretty interested with it and even had couple of attempts to make my own videos, which didn’t really end with the result I desired.

Now that I think about it, there are couple of things that you really need in case to vlog

I’ll try to scale it down to 3 main tips.

  • A fine camera.

good equipment is the most essential thing for vlogging, but you obviously already knew that. If you’re looking for camera recommendations for vlogging, try here & here.

  • Good editing software.

If you think that this one’s not as important as having a good camera, you’re wrong. I’ve had a nice vlogging device [Flip Ultra HD] for two months now and you know what i filmed? Nothing. Why? Because my editing software sucks. Some blogs might recommend Windows Movie Maker that comes with every Windows, but it’s horrid and even if you start using it as a newbie, you’ll newer be delighted with it, at least not for long. Good editing softwares are:

          Δ  Final Cut Pro (most vloggers use this)
          Δ  iMovie (if you have Mac it comes for free)
          Δ  Camtasia Studio (Which I used at first)

Editing videos is easy. It might seem complicated at first, especially in Sony Vegas and such, but try starting with simple softwares and then purchase others. There are always neat tutorials if you can’t get the hand of  something at first, so try googling it.

  • Environment.

For me, this is really essential, because bad environment really puts me off. [while filming in household] You see,  I don’t have my own room and it’s really hard to get some quiet time for yourself to film a video during daylight. At night when it’s more peaceful, flourecent ruins everything so I lose the to film at all.

It’s easier when I have to film something outdoors, especially since I own Flip Ultra HD, it’s quite handy. [recommended]

I really wish I could film stuff more frequently, but I guess it’s better if I don’t, at least not before i feel comfortable with stuff that makes me uneasy, cos for me, making quality vlogs that are worth watching comes first.

All in all, I hope you found these tips helpful and will be more successful at vlogging than I am xD

Good luck xx

Meanwhile, here’s my deserted YouTube channel



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