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November 16, 2011 / saniday

Andrew Lane’s ‘Young Sherlock Holmes’ event in Tbilisi

So, as I posted several days ago, English writer Andrew Lane was going to visit Georgia to promote his book series “Young Sherlock Holmes” this week.

Our local publisher “ბაკურ სულაკაურის გამომცემლობა” translated  first part of series: ‘Death Cloud‘ in Georgian so it was a book presentation as well. When I fist heard about the event, I was very excited, cos I loved Torchwood Novel – Slow Decay that Andy wrote and I couldn’t believe that he was actually going to visit Tbilisi, that kind of stuff doesn’t really happen here often

So I went today at the event and after he gave a speech, readers had a chance to ask questions and me and Sally were the only ones who could actually understand English so I told him that we were Whovians and really glad that he visited, loved his TWD work as well as Sherlock series and was going to read ‘Red Leech’ and ‘Black ice’ and asked if he was going to write any more TWD novels or maybe do Radio Dramas. He was very happy to see that somebody actually cared, cos mostly audience had no clue what was going on and most of them were there for the painting contest

Later, Mr. Lane had to choose winners from best painting and best question, I thought that he would choose something related to Sherlock, I enjoyed the book very much, but had no good ideas to ask, so I choose Doctor Who subject instead. So Mr. Andy said that he was glad somebody had read his book in English, so he chose me ♥ I was so excited and embarrassed and stuff, you know, everybody staring at you and stuff, I greeted him and he also made a remark about my Union Jack t-shirt ^ They gave me my prize that I won, a pool and spa membership and he signed my book, we chatted some more about Doctor Who and how he had done some work for Torchwood magazine, I explained that I couldn’t subscribe to magazine from Georgia, also the fact that I’d have let him sign my ‘Slow Decay‘ copy, but I only had an audiobook, so that was a shame. But in overall it was sucha fun event, I think that he enjoyed our presence as much as we did, kind of cheered each other, had a wonderful time :] He promised to visit again if he could for next series translations, which is gonna be awesome!

Gosh, I’m so thrilled, I can’t believe I met the actual author and we spoke and stuff, so excited about tonight. I know you think it’s no big deal and don’t want to listen to my foolish rambling, but this doesn’t happen very often, so it made my day ^___^



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  1. anananana / Jun 12 2012 3:42 pm

    ahh, I really wanted to come…

  2. site web / Apr 9 2015 10:56 pm

    Très sympathique tօut ça, merci pour cet article. Dommage ԛue tս ne rentres pas plus Ԁans le ԁétail m’enfin je chipote 😉

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