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June 30, 2011 / saniday

Pre-exam post.

So I was planning to take a quick nap in a quiet house which doesn’t happen very often since my sleeping schedule is fucked up, but then I thought I should write something before I’ve changed my mind.

So here’s what I have to say:

Finally, my exam revising year is over, thank Castiel for that!

Maybe I can try and be more social from now on, that’s a good thing, right? LOLJK I’m fine at home as long as I don’t have to study and do whatever I want and I don’t feel like going out at all, (it’s very, very hot) this year has made me more of an introvert person then ever.

So you might’ve guessed that I’m taking National Exams again, this year, like last year.

I didn’t do much good on my art exam last year and then I completely changed my mind about Academy of Art, realising, that after all, there are some other professions except being an Interior Designer that I can try and be good at, besides I had lots of friends in that Academy and everybody knowns it’s the only Academy of Art and it sucks. Big time.

so here I am again, this time I’m even more ready and I chose Ilia State University  (Iliauni as they call it) –Faculty of Arts & Science. I want to be an English Language Major.

I think I’ll do fine.

Tomorrow is my first day, Georgian Language exam.

I’m not worried, I’m never worried about things like these and that’s exactly what my family is always worried about. They think I’m too confident. 

Maybe I am, maybe I’m not, but I like that I’m confident, I can’t help it. *( I don’t want to help it.)

I mean, I passed all of them last year and I have more knowledge then before, so it’s not that much big of a deal, I just have to try my best. And I will.

Everything is pretty much depended on these four exams,  if you’ve read my blog before, you might know that I’m not really fond of living and studying and working here, (which makes me sound like a stuck up snob, but well, then again, this is my life and I should do what I’m satisfied with) but moving abroad is really, really expensive and if that’s something I really want to do, then I’ll move my ass, write these exams well and learn something here, in my Uni, look for ways to escape and you know, stuff. Some things will be clearer without planning. But I have to try really hard.

Besides, since when did I stop trying to get something I really wanted to?

Which reminds me of – my aunt called me today from Taiwan, she’s visiting in July and told me she’s bringing an iPad 2 for our family (which at the end of the day means me, cos I don’t remember the last time  my Gran was surfing the web or my Grandfather playing touchpad stuff, just lol) so what she was trying to say, is that if I do well on the exams and get the scholarship or whatever, she’ll leave the iPad for me and don’t take it back with her. So that’s of course another reason for me to try. I never, ever thought I’d have an iPad cos it’s really expensive and I’d never afford it, so that’s amazing, right? ^

Anyway, I wanted this blog post to be short and here I go again with my never ending bluffing.

I guess I’ll do the exams review like last year in Georgian, of course, so cya tomorrow, dear bloggie. :star:


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  1. somebody / Jul 3 2011 7:05 pm

    Good Luck ! *fingersCrossed* ^^

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